About me

Bozó Edit Liza

My name is Liza Edit Bozó and I am a European silk artist from Hungary. I paint inspired spiritual and personal, custom designed unique copies of silk mandalas. My paintings are all exclusive and handmade silk artworks. I also teach this beautiful, meditative way of creating and individual piece of art.

I have been interested in painting and fine arts since I was a child. I have learned a lot about art history and improved myself through creating. Later I became a ceramist and worked with clay and china until my children were born. When they were at kindergarten I was observing them as they were fully absorbed in drawing and painting – their entire being and full attention was dedicated to the process. This experience helped  me realize what I wanted to rediscover in myself. I have started to paint mandalas, first with colour pencil and pastel paint but soon I had an inner drive to turn to colourful, spontaneous visualization – that’s when I  started silk painting.

I had my debut 14 years ago in Harmónia Lak Feng Shui Studio in Budapest and it was followed by several exhibitions later. Currently I am exhibiting with Szivárvány (Rainbow) Silk Painting Circle that has been founded by me.

I have learned plenty of things at different courses or free schools for fine and applied arts, also studied nonviolent communication, reiki, meditation, homeopathy and feng shui. I have attended self-awareness courses and it seems to be a life-long learning…

When I started to teach silk painting I did not have this much experience either in painting or in teaching. Still, probably because of the many people from my environment who were interested in this charming technique, I started teaching and have gradually developed my own method. This is quite unique and proved to be very efficient. I am teacing something that can not be taught… but it can be conveyed.

Three years ago I went for a long journey: Via Margaritarum, El Camino. Everything that had been chaotic before became clear then. The further direction of my life started to unfold. I honestly trust that through my work I can contribute to this unfolding.

On the courses for silk painting we can experience the creativity inside us and we will be touched by the pleasure of creating a spiritual silk mandala picture. Mandalas may support our inner strength and ambitions.

I can present my Ars Poetica through two of my favourite quotations.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” Rumi, a sufi poet.

I have met this quotation as a key sentence of nonviolent communication. When I’m painting I’m there on this field – there’s no judgement, only the joy of colours and shapes, the flow of life. My mandalas are flowers from this field.

„All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life”  M.C. Richards

Such an important sentence! When I paint I give myself up to the creative energy that flows through me and arrives on the silk to become art, a fully inspired spiritual artwork.

It’s not me who creates a work of art – I just let it come, help it emerge by brushing aside all obstacles, prepare myself, call it, wait for it, give space to it. And the pictures duely arrive…. this is apprenticeship. As the process is being accomplished, my life is transforming as well – it becomes art.

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