Scarf Painting Workshop

scarfPainting on silk, enjoying the beautiful colours, the materials, immersing into the play of the colours while they are running on the silk – this is itself a wonderful creative experience, a pleasure and joy, as well as a possibility for relaxation.
If you are interested in getting started at painting silk scarves, we invite you to an introductory experience.
Join us for this 3 hours long creative workshop, and you will paint a silk scarf or a silk kerchief using simple silk painting techniques, under professional supervision.
You can also bring children: it will be a playful, exciting and beautiful experience!

The course of this creative workshop: First we will introduce you to different exciting painting methods and crumpled techniques with which you can easily paint a beautiful silk scarf or a silk kerchief. Then you will choose what you would like to paint: a scarf (150×40 cm) or a kerchief in different sizes (45×45 cm, or 55×55 cm, or 74×74 cm). It is easy and beautiful! Usually, you are able to paint 1 to 3 pieces during the workshop.

This workshop is held in English and will be led by the experienced silk painting artist Liza E BOZÓ and her assistant, Katalin CZÖNDÖR.


Course fee: HUF 8,000

The fee of the materials is to be paid in addition:
- scarf 150 × 40 cm: HUF 2,500
- kerchief 55 × 55 cm: HUF 1,400
- kerchief 45 × 45 cm: HUF 1,200
- kerchief 74 × 74 cm: HUF 2,500

scarf_1   scarf_2

The workshop takes place in small groups (5-8 participants).
Please sign up ( if you are interested and we will inform you about the possible dates and available places. This painting course is held usually on weekdays, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.