Order a personal and unique silk painting

It delights you and has a positive effect on your life.

I paint personal , unique, unrepeatable silk paintings on your request that fits the desired space. I use genuine silk material and paint it on  your demand. The procedure takes approx. 4 weeks. However, you don’t need to have exact ideas – you can claim for paintings that strengthen a certain area of life (health, love, work) or depict a desired emotion (tranquility, joy, love, presence, cheerfulness).

What happens after you have decided to have a unique silk painting?

After contacting me you can describe the  painting you want: which characteristics or feeling you’d like to strengthen within yourself; in which area of life you wish to experience positive changes etc. Your birth date and your photo can help me to be tuned to paint your personal picture. You can also list the paintings you like in my Gallery.

I just let to settle everything within me for a while. Then I mix the colours and observe how the picture becomes clear in my mind. I send you photos about the realisation of your painting. I search for the ways I can express the best what has already taken shape inside of me. After the colour sketch, the silk painting is created – followed by the „dressing of the newborn”: fixing, ironing and framing. Then I show you the picture and if you like it you transfer me the price and I post it to you carefully wrapped.

Here you can follow up how I made a personal silk painting for the singer Adrien Szekeres. You can also find photos about the picture in its preparatory stage and when it is ready. If you have decided to have your own silk painting, please contact me!