The Silk of the Soul

I could say it is worth coming to Liza’s silk painting workshops because you can learn the basic skills of silk painting and can create fantastic and colourful silk mandalas, pictures and scarves for yourself. I guess this is what most people expect from a silkpainting event.

However, it is much more that you get from Liza’s courses.

As for me, I usually visit Liza’s silk painting events and retreats to relax and nourish my soul. Not only to be bewildered by the beautiful vivid colours, and to switch off from the rat race of the everyday world by watching these colours mix onthe silk, but also because among the colourful works in progress my life is also shaping.

It is because, apart from passing on the mastery skills of silk painting, Liza also helpsunfold your creative side. The one that had long been buried under the need to please others and under the pressure of achievement-oriented education.

How many times have you heard yourself saying: „Oh, I am not talented in drawing, painting, singing! I have no manual dexterity, no voice, no sense of beauty!”

water_imageWhat you can experience with Liza’s guidance in her workshops is that deft and dexterity are just additives; that self-expression in arts – in this case painting - , luring the long-time buried creativity out of yourself again may bring joy back to your life. And this is something much more than a particularly well-done colourful scarf – rediscovered joy can recharge you long after the workshop.

At Liza’s workshops you suddenly realize that genuine ideas and inner vision are not the privilege of the chosen. You experiencethe particularly positive effects of expressing them.

The coloursmixing on the silk create ever renewing patterns. Just like in life – the various events of your life are connected, mixed, creating new patterns and traits in your personality. As we do with the contour lines onthe silk, so we do in life, trying to give a definite direction to our life course. Colours sometimes breach theset boundaries, creating unexpected, and most of the times even nicer patterns - if you learn to let them mix and do not stick rigidly to the boundaries of your comfort zone – to your very own contour lines.

vizek_aldasaIn silk painting, beside the joy of creating something nice for yourself, you also get a model how you can and should experiment, how you can listen bravely to your inner guidance and let the changing colourful experience over your silk create its form with your help.

The white silk spread in front of you, upon which you will put your colourful pictures, is a kind of experimental canvas, a „tabula rasa”, the empty sheet or new chapter where you can try and reinforce some of the new colours of your personality. The silk of the soul.

If you wish to take yourself back to the colourful-magical painting world of your childhood, while listening to relaxing music in a good atmosphere, together with others, just come and let it happen. And beside all these, inthe background, something different is going on invisibly: you will unfold more and more with each workshop, you will get closer to your own personality, letting joy and courageous experiments move into other aspects of your life as well. This is what Liza adds to her paints, silks and workshops, unnoticed. It is her unseen gift for you.

Entertainment? A stockpile of silkpainting techniques? A stress release therapy? A course in self-awareness? Who could define Liza’s workshops? Whatever you call them, they work.

written by Szilágyi Katalin