Would you like to have a silk picture that is personal, fits your home and, besides delighting your eyes, has a positive effect on your life?

Would you like to learn the mystery of silk painting, starting with the basic things right now?

If your answer is yes to either of the two questions – you are at the best place! Why?

Because I paint genuine silk pictures that are unique, irreproducible and can fit in the desired space. I paint the picture based on your demands, however you don’t have to have exact ideas. You can require the picture as a help to strenghten a specific area of life (like health, love, job) or as a representation of a certain feeling (tranquility, joy, love, presence, cheerfulness). Click here if you want to see my works. 

If you want to see my pictures personally, please contact me and we can fix an appointment to meet in Budapest.

If you click here you can read a text about silk painting and you can watch three short videos.

If you have the possibility to come to Budapest you can participate in a silk painting course with me. If you are interested in this, please contact me.